Said about me 



“I have had the pleasure of working with Karin Oleander, who is a multi-skilled creator within the media field. She is quite competent, and can contribute valuable input throughout the entire creative process, from the idea stage to actual implementation to final delivery. Karin has great experience and is dedicated and professional in her duties.

With her personality she spreads the feeling of comfort and job satisfaction to those with whom she collaborates, both in front of and behind the camera. I can highly recommend working with Karin Oleander, and I myself hope to get to do so in future projects.”

Maria Örtengren, TV producer



”Karin is efficient, smart and fun to work with. As a host and reporter in front of the camera, after years of collaboration with her, I can honestly say that I would not appear as smart and handsome on TV without her.

Being able to both shoot and video edit is a strength that is incredibly effective, and Karin has mastered both absolutely fantastically.”

Natanael Derwinger, TV-host and reporter



“Karin is meticulous, hard working, very loyal and takes great responsibility in every stage of the process.
She always delivers and is a blast to be around all those long hours in the editing room or on the road.”


Nicke Nordmark, TV producer




My Swedish clients include all the major Swedish television networks and many well known companies.